From the color of the buildings to the hue of the ocean water, teal is the color of choice in Port Aransas or Port a. Things to Do in Port Aransas TX, ,the Gulf of Mexico is the focal point of this destination, with an abundance of fresh seafood, cultural and historical experiences, and activities such as golf on Texas’ only true links golf course. But these are just a few of the many fun things to do in Port Aransas.

Things to Do in Port Aransas TX
Things to Do in Port Aransas TX

The 18 miles of beaches along the Gulf coast will make an appearance during your stay, whether you are up early with the sunrise looking for sand dollars or taking a walk beachside under a full moon. Port Aransas texas is Texas’ fishing capital, and the surrounding Gulf waters are rich in wildlife such as dolphins, sea turtles, and migrating birds.

The beach buggy is the mode of transportation of choice in Port Aransas museum. They are street legal, making it simple to drive from the roads to the sandy beaches, where you can magee beach park and take in the scenery. When you need a break from the sun, visit one of Port Aransas’ small museums to learn about the area’s maritime history. Use our list of fun things to do in Port Aransas to plan your itinerary at magee beach park.

List of 11 Things to Do in Port Aransas TX Today

1.Port Aransas Texas State Aquarium

Port Aransas Texas State Aquarium
Port Aransas Texas State Aquarium

For good reason, Port Aransas Texas State Aquarium is known as the “Fishing Capital of Texas.” The species available for catching are as varied as the methods for catching them. Port Aransas is uniquely situated to allow anglers to fish offshore, in bays, in the surf, off jetties, from piers, in the flats, and along the channels.

Anglers flock to Port Aransas in San Antonio throughout the thing year for fishing tournaments that cater to all ages and skill levels, from kid tournaments to professional billfish competitions.

If you are new to fishing in Port Aransas, it is best to hire a guide, such as Captain Josh Garcia of Tejas Guide Service, who grew up in the area and understands the metrics of every tide change, fish feeding habits, and seasonal effects on the bite.

Closer to shore, anglers can target redfish, drum, sheepshead, and trout, or go offshore for red snapper and sport fish like tuna. The Port Aransas fishing experience is about more than just the catch. Because you are surrounded by pelicans, birds of prey, dolphins, and sea turtles thing, every excursion is a nature lesson.

One of the best ways to get the full Port Aransas fishing experience is to have your catch filleted and taken to a hook and cook restaurant, such as FINS Grill, where they can prepare your fish into a full meal with blackened, fried, or broiled preparations.

You can find lodging near Fisherman’s Wharf, such as Trout Street Condos, and walk to the docks for fishing excursions.

2. The beach

The beach
The beach

Planning plenty of beach time in Port Aransas is critical if you want to fully enjoy the sun, surf, and scenery. Larger beach areas, such as Port Aransas Beach and Mustang Island Beach, are popular with visitors. Other beaches, such as I.B. Magee Beach, are enjoyable to visit and provide additional activities, such as kiteboarding or fishing from the Horace Caldwell Pier.

The moist silty sand on Port Aransas beaches is ideal for building sturdy sandcastles, which is why this is a popular activity. One of the largest sand sculpture competitions in the United States is held in Port Aransas. You can take a sand sculpture lesson from a local expert if your sandcastle building skills are rusty Mustang beach Airport.

If you intend to spend a lot of time by the water, it is best to rent a beach buggy, which allows you to get around easily and park on the sand, eliminating the need for a car. Port Aransas Beach Buggies, for example, allows you to select a buggy with an eclectic or subdued design to match your beach mood.

After a long day at the beach, you can unwind at local favorite Mac Daddy’s restaurant for burgers and comfort food at Texas Sandfest.

3. The Glow Row

The Glow Row
The Glow Row

Port Aransas is exciting during the day, but seeing the natural marine and plant life at night is something special. The best way to accomplish this is to join a Glow Row night kayaking eco-tour in the shallow waters surrounding the causeway and in the channels. Trips are available from March to November and are subject to safe weather conditions at Texas Sandfest.

Paddle for 1.5 hours on a guided tour of the marine and plant life beneath the surface in your clear, two-person kayak. Because of the shallow water, you can see oyster beds and the small fish that live in them. Sport fish, stingrays, shrimp, and baitfish may also be seen, and they may even jump into the kayaks.

In the dark, the 4,400 lumens of colorful and glowing LED lights on the kayaks are just as entertaining as the surprises seen in the water. All of the kayaks are outfitted with seven different colors that paddlers can change at any time during the trip. Glow

Rowing trips leave from the Redfish Causeway and travel through the Lighthouse Lakes reefs.

4. Amos Rehabilitation Facility (ARK)

image 265
Amos Rehabilitation Facility

A visit to the Amos Rehabilitation Keep (ARK) is a must for anyone who enjoys marine wildlife. The University of South Texas at Austin Marine Science Institute has run the rehabilitation center since 1979. ARK is named after oceanographer Tony Amos, who regularly saved and rehabilitated animals in the area.

ARK is a rehabilitation center for marine turtles and birds from the coastal zone that includes Mustang Island and St. Joseph Island. Animals that are sick or injured are brought to the center for evaluation, treatment, and, if possible, rehabilitation before being safely released back into their natural habitats.

Tours of the facility teach about the most critical injuries to marine and birdlife, as well as the many success stories that have come out of ARK. Barnacle Billie, a large loggerhead sea turtle who lives at ARK and is too injured to return to the sea, will be up close and personal.

5. Horace Caldwell Pier

Horace Caldwell Pier
Horace Caldwell Pier

The Horace Caldwell Pier is a lovely pier in I.B. Magee Beach Park. Because of its convenience, it is one of the most popular fishing spots in Port Aransas. The scenery is spectacular from this vantage point, especially during sunsets, because the pier is located on the northern end of Mustang Island.

The 1,240-foot-long pier has a small entrance fee and is open 24 hours a day. You can visit the pier as part of a day trip to Port Aransas Beach and the beach park.

6. Day Trip to San Jose Island

Day Trip to San Jose Island
Day Trip to San Jose Island

San Jose Island is one of Port Aransas‘ best kept secrets. While the island is private, you are welcome to visit the public areas and explore the sandy beaches that surround it. This is one of the best places in Port Aransas to go shelling, with sand dollars, large seashells, and starfish commonly found in the sand.

San Jose Island is only a short ferry ride away, and once there, you can enjoy more than 21 miles of pristine natural beaches. It’s also a great place to go bird watching. Vehicles are not permitted on this beach, which makes it a peaceful place to visit.

7. Dolphin Observation

Dolphin Observation
Dolphin Observation

While you are likely to see dolphins from the Port Aransas shoreline and jetties, taking a dolphin watching tour is one of the best ways to experience this magnificent marine life in the area. Because of the abundance of plant and animal life in the waters, these tours will educate visitors about the natural side of Port Aransas.

Most 1.5-hour tours cruise the harbors and waters of Aransas Pass, Lydia Ann Channel, and Aransas Bay in search of pods of wild dolphins. As you cruise the waters near the Lydia Ann Lighthouse, you will also learn about the area’s maritime history.

8. Port Aransas Museum

 Port Aransas Museum
Port Aransas Museum

The Port Aransas Museum is a historical tourist attraction in Port Aransas that tells the story of its origins on Mustang Island. Explore the exhibits that depict the evolution of island life.

The stunning Fourth Order Fresnel lighthouse lens that stood atop the Lydia Ann Lighthouse for nearly 75 years, video compilations of interviews with local islanders over the decades, and a bell from the train that hauled rocks used to build the jetties are among the permanent exhibits.

The museum is free to enter and a great place to begin your Port Aransas getaway to learn about the island’s history. You can visit during one of the regularly scheduled lectures for a more in-depth experience to paddling trail.

9. Mustang Island 

Mustang Island
Mustang Island

Mustang Island is one of the most beautiful and scenic places to visit in Port Aransas. The beach has a long history of being regarded as one of the best on the Texas coast. Mustang Island has a long beach, tall sand dunes, and the famous rolling Gulf Coast waves.

Mustang Island is a great place to spend an entire day at the beach, where you can sleep in the sand, swim in the warm water, or go beachcombing and bird-watching.

Before heading to the beach, you can visit the Tarpon Inn, Mustang Island’s oldest structure. The historic structure was built in 1886 and features iconic 200-foot-long porches, making it one of Port Aransas’ most beautiful structures.

10. The Leonabelle Turnbull Birding Center is number ten.

Leonabelle Turnbull Birding Center
Leonabelle Turnbull Birding Center

The Leonabelle Turnbull Birding Center is one of the most enjoyable ways to experience the natural landscape and wildlife in Port Aransas. It is open from sunrise to sunset seven days a week, making it simple to plan a visit. The property’s beautiful nature preserve is full of surprises as you stroll along the 750-foot-long boardwalk.

Visitors are welcomed by a pollinator garden and large trees, but the salt marsh is perhaps the best place to see wildlife. Look carefully to spot some of the hundreds of bird species that pass through the preserve. The highlight of your visit will most likely be spotting one of the preserve’s most famous residents, “Boots,” an American alligator estimated to be over 50 years old.

11. Farley Boat Works

Farley Boat Works
Farley Boat Works

The Farley Boat Works brings Port Aransas’ seaside and boat building history to life, and it’s a fun place to visit to see authentic boat-building in action. You can learn about the custom boat building process while viewing projects in various stages of completion.

The annual Port Aransas Wooden Boat Festival, a three-day family-friendly event that showcases handcrafted boats and other activities, is one of the best times to visit Farley Boat Works. The festival includes a nautical market, speakers, and a two-day family boat build in which teams design, build, and launch their creations.


Which is more beautiful, Rockport or Port Aransas?

I prefer Port Aransas to Rockport because it is on the Gulf of Mexico and has miles and miles of beaches. Port Aransas is also a short distance from upper Padre Island and the Padre Island National Seashore, as well as the south side of Corpus Christi and its numerous dining options.

Is it better to live in South Padre or Port Aransas?

The beaches in Port Aransas (city limits) are better maintained and cleaner than those in SPI. This is also dependent on when you are traveling. In the summer and early fall, I believe either location would be suitable. Because it is so far south, South Padre Island is likely to be warmer in the winter.

Is it possible to swim in Port Aransas?

There are plenty of lifeguards on duty at Port Aransas Beach. This ensures that you and your family can swim, bodyboard, or body surf in the waves.

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