Things to Do in Hickory NC Hickory is located on North Carolina’s eastern border. Henry Robinson, the city’s founder, named it after a hickory tree under which he built a tavern. Lake Hickory was the site of one of the worst polio outbreaks in the United States during the 1940s. The city is well-known for housing some of the country’s oldest furniture stores. It is also the birthplace of many well-known NASCAR drivers, earning it the moniker “Birthplace of NASCAR Stars.”

Things to Do in Hickory NC
Things to Do in Hickory NC

The hickory park is about an hour away from Charlotte and has a plethora of art galleries, parks, and barbecue joints. Call the attractions and restaurants ahead of time to confirm current hours of operation.

10 Best Things to Do in Hickory NC Today

1. Village of Henry River Mill

Village of Henry River Mill
Village of Henry River Mill

The Henry River Mill Village is one of the country’s last remaining examples of an unaltered industrial area from the 1800s. The village used waterpower to power its factories, which was considered very high-tech at the time at blue ridge mountain. While parts of the village were destroyed in a fire in 1977, many original structures, such as country houses and a general store, can still be seen today at catawba farms. There are village tours available, including one that takes you through the area at night while telling you about local ghost stories at hickory furniture mart.

Hickory nc, North Carolina 28602, 4255 Henry River Rd, Phone: 828-471-4768

2.L.P. Hickory Crawdads The Frans Stadium

L.P. Hickory Crawdads The Frans Stadium
L.P. Hickory Crawdads The Frans Stadium

The Hickory Crawdads / L.P. was built in 1993. The Hickory Crawdads, the local minor league baseball team, play at Frans Stadium. The stadium was named after a local Pepsi manufacturer who contributed to its construction. The L.P. Frans Stadium has over 4,000 seats and a few cafes and eateries where you can get some snacks at bakers mountain park. The structure now has a large LED scoreboard and massive dugouts thanks to a recent renovation at chimney rock state park. Throughout the years, the stadium has hosted a number of major baseball tournaments, including the South Atlantic League Finals.

Hickory nc, North Carolina 2860, 2500 Clement Blvd NW, Phone: 828-322-3000

3. Hickory, North Carolina’s Catawba Science Center

Catawba Science Center
Catawba Science Center

The Catawba Science Center, located in an old Victorian building, first opened its doors in 1975. The science center is intended to educate visitors about various science fields and includes a variety of exhibits and classes to do so at chimney rock. A planetarium at the Catawba Science Center features laser light shows and guided constellation lectures. It also has a large aquarium with various marine species. After you’ve finished exploring the science center, you can visit its gift shop, which sells unique items like freeze-dried ice cream and puzzles.

Hickory, Western North Carolina 28601, 243 3rd Ave NE, Phone: 828-322-8169

4.Hickory Aviation Museum, Hickory, North Carolina

Hickory Aviation Museum
Hickory Aviation Museum

The Hickory Aviation Museum houses hundreds of aviation artifacts dating from World War II to the present day, including planes like the F-18 Hornet and the Wright Flyer at chimney rock. You can look inside old engines, learn about the science of flight, and see aviation uniforms while you’re there. In addition to numerous exhibits, the museum has a Wall of Honor that honors local veterans. The museum provides guided tours and hosts a variety of events throughout the year, such as HAM radio meetings. There is no admission fee.

Hickory, North Carolina 28601, 3101 9th Avenue Drive NW, Phone: 828-323-1963

5.Hickory Museum of Art, Hickory, North Carolina

Hickory Museum of Art
Hickory Museum of Art

This art museum houses a large collection of artwork from the nineteenth to twenty-first centuries. The Hickory Museum of Art hosts a variety of traveling exhibits, ranging from travel photography to behind-the-scenes looks at artists at work. The museum also has an impressive collection of folk art, which is housed on the third floor. Visitors can also enroll in one of the many art classes offered on-site, such as an introduction to ceramic pottery and abstract painting. The Hickory Museum of Art has an art shop where visitors can purchase works by local artists.

243 Third Avenue NE, Hickory, NC 28601, Phone: 828-327-8576

6.Harper House/ Hickory History Center

Harper House
Harper House

The Harper House, formerly the home of a prominent family, now serves as the Hickory community theatre History Center. The home transports visitors to the 1800s with its beautiful display of Queen Anne-style architecture. You’ll be able to see stained glass windows, twirling staircases, and even a tower built into the roof of the house while you’re here. Inside, there are a few exhibits with items such as vintage jewelry, silverware, and clothing. From Thursday to Saturday, the center is open and offers a few guided tours throughout the day.

310 North Center Street, Hickory, NC 28601, Phone: 828-324-7294

7.Maple Grove, Hickory, North Carolina

Maple Grove
Maple Grove

The Shuford family, who helped found Hickory, lived in Maple Grove, a farmhouse built in 1883. The house has been preserved to look exactly as it did in the 1800s and is one of the oldest in the area. Visitors to Maple Grove can explore its various rooms, which include bedrooms, a parlor, and a kitchen at North Carolina Museum. In addition, each room contains family heirlooms ranging from clothing to furniture. Monday through Friday, and guided tours are available by appointment.

Hickory, North Carolina 28601, 542 Second Street NE, Phone: 828-322-4731

8.Hickory, North Carolina’s Blowing Rock Brewery

Blowing Rock Brewery
Blowing Rock Brewery

Blowing Rock Brewery, founded in 2007, is dedicated to teaching others about the art of craft beer and the best ways to enjoy it. This boutique brewery boasts some of the world’s best brewing equipment, including high-quality fermentors and kettles. There are guided tours of the facility available, as well as tastings of the brewery’s top creations, which are known for their creative combinations at national park. Blowing Rock Brewery also operates as an inn, with a few charming rooms available for booking.

Hickory, North Carolina 28602, 883 Highland Avenue SE, Phone: 828-855-9999

9. Backstreets Bar and Grill, Hickory, North Carolina

Backstreets Bar and Grill
Backstreets Bar and Grill

Backstreets Bar and Grill first opened its doors in 1996 in what was formerly a barbecue restaurant. The company eventually relocated to a building a few feet away from its original location, but it has remained an important community fixture at grandfather mountain. This bar and grill serves a diverse menu of hamburgers, salads, hand-cut steaks, homemade pasta, and pizza at blue ridge parkway. Diners will also find a wide selection of beers and wines at the bar. Backstreets Bar and Grill has a unique collection of sports and bar memorabilia hanging on its walls in addition to its dishes and drinks.

246 14th Avenue NE, Hickory, NC 28601, Phone: 828-328-6479

10. Sam’s Hot Dog Stand

Sam's Hot Dog Stand
Sam’s Hot Dog Stand

Sam’s Hot Dog Stand was founded in West Virginia in 1983. The company quickly grew in popularity and expanded to have a stand in the area. This hot dog stand sells 100% beef hot dogs and allows you to customize your own hot dog topping combinations. The stand also serves hand-cut fries, homemade milkshakes and ice cream, fresh coleslaw, and its top-secret chili sauce in addition to hot dogs. Customers will be able to locate the stand easily due to its vibrant red and green roof at South Carolina.

Waynesboro, Virginia 22980, P.O. Box 539, Phone: 540-942-9093

FAQs about Things to Do in Hickory NC

Is it worthwhile to visit Hickory, North Carolina?

Downtown Hickory, North Carolina is well known for its rich history in furniture manufacturing, but we can’t wait to show you how that is only the beginning of the adventures you’ll find here! Scenic outdoor exploration, Lake adventures, tasty local restaurants that are changing our metro’s dining scene, and more!

What is life like in Hickory, North Carolina?

Catawba County’s Downtown Hickory is one of the best places to live in North Carolina. Living in Hickory provides residents with a dense suburban feel, and the majority of residents own their homes. There are numerous parks in Hickory. Hickory is home to many families and young professionals, and its residents lean conservative.

Is Hickory, North Carolina a Charlotte suburb?

Hickory is the principal city of the Hickory-Lenoir-Morganton Metropolitan Statistical Area, which had 365,276 people according to the 2020 census. Hickory is about 60 miles (97 kilometers) northwest of Charlotte, North Carolina. Motto(s):

What is Hickory, North Carolina famous for?

Hickory also has a rich stock car racing history as the home of Hickory Motor Speedway, one of the country’s most famous short tracks and the “Birthplace of NASCAR stars.” Hickory has a plethora of festivals and community events! Examine the annual branding events.

How secure is Hickory, North Carolina?

Hickory has the lowest violent crime and property crime rates in North Carolina, as well as the best citizen-to-officer ratio among the top 25 safest cities, with a safety score of 64.06.

Does Hickory NC have a downtown?

As the Central Business District, Downtown Hickory is filled with a variety of unique retail shops, restaurants, corporate headquarters, professional offices, and entertainment venues, all in a park-like setting in the heart of Hickory.

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