Things To Do In Delray Beach Fl , Delray Beach located on Florida’s scenic Atlantic coast in Palm Beach County, is known for its beautiful stretches of shoreline and relaxing, family-friendly atmosphere that attracts sunbathers from all over the country.

Things To Do In Delray Beach Fl
Things To Do In Delray Beach Fl

Delray Beach, with a population of 60,000, is one of the major cities in the Metro-Miami area, located equidistant from the Downtown West Palm Beach and Coral Springs.

Day trippers can easily reach Lake Okeechobee to the northwest and Everglades National Forest to the south, and there are a variety of beach options for those looking to swim, sunbathe, and other fun things to do.

The following are 15 activities in and around Delray Beach, South Florida.

List of 15 Things To Do In Delray Beach Fl Today

1. Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens

Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens
Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens

The Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens, located on Morikami Park Road in Delray Beach, is the area’s premier destination for those interested in learning about the history and unique culture of the area’s Japanese immigrants.

The museum and gardens, which include an indoor museum and six distinct gardens highlighting a variety of native and non-native plant, tree, and flower species, are an ideal side trip for those who have had their fill of sun, sand, and surf.

Each cultivated garden has a different theme park, and they seamlessly combine elements from the man-made and natural worlds – a skill for which Japanese gardeners are famous.

2. Museum of the Silver Ball

Museum of the Silver Ball
Museum of the Silver Ball

The Silver Ball Museum, named after the shiny metal balls that were used in pinball machines for decades, is a one-of-a-kind Delray Beach destination with over 100 vintage games spread across thousands of square feet of floor space.

Some of the games date back more than 80 years, and unlike most museums, you’ll be able to touch, use, and enjoy the items on display, which is especially thrilling and nostalgic for those who grew up during the pinball machine’s golden age.

They have more recent digital games as well as Miss Pac-Man. There’s also skee-ball, which has long been a favorite at east coast beach resorts.

3. Saltwater Brewing Company

 Saltwater Brewing Company
Saltwater Brewing Company

Nothing beats a tasty microbrew after a long day in the surf, and Saltwater Brewery on West Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach is a popular adult beverage destination for both locals and tourists.

Saturday afternoon guided tours of their facility are available; due to their popularity, they frequently fill up quickly, so arrive early to reserve your spot.

The brewery’s beers are all handcrafted with all-natural ingredients, and their onsite tasting room is ideal for sampling a variety of beers with different flavor profiles to determine which you prefer.

4. Delray Beach Golf Club is number four.

 Delray Beach Golf Club
Delray Beach Golf Club

The Delray Beach Golf Club was conceived and planned in the early 1920s, when the design was laid out by a famous golf course architect and the land was purchased and developed.

The popular Highland Avenue course had only nine holes until 1950, but now has 18.

Delray Beach Golf Club remains a favorite in an area saturated with golf courses due to its attractive and challenging layout and reasonable greens fees.

It’s a full-service facility with a bar and restaurant, a pro shop, and a variety of lessons from its professional staff.

5. Delray Municipal Beach No. 5

Delray Municipal Beach
Delray Municipal Beach

Being named the state’s top beach by a well-known travel magazine is quite an honor, especially in such a competitive area.

Not surprisingly, Delray Municipal Beach is a true standout for those seeking a variety of convenient and affordable amenities as well as a family-friendly environment.

The beach is free to use, and there is plenty of public parking nearby at atlantic dunes park. If you didn’t bring all of your beach gear, you can rent umbrellas, chairs, paddle boards, and snorkeling equipment, and there are plenty of dining, shopping, and lodging options nearby.

6. Wetlands of Wakodahatchee

Wetlands of Wakodahatchee
Wetlands of Wakodahatchee

Wetlands in South Florida support a diverse range of flora and fauna, many of which are unique to the state.

Wakodahatchee Wetlands, located on Jog Road in Delray Beach, is a preserved natural area that is a popular destination for wildlife photographers, hikers, and all-around outdoor enthusiasts at Japanese Garden.

Turtles, foxes, snakes, and alligators are common, and the area is home to a diverse range of birds, including raptors, waterfowl, and woodpeckers.

The wetlands are free to visit and feature a network of raised boardwalk-style trails that are safe, well-marked, and provide excellent vantage points to appreciate the natural beauty.

7. The Avenue

The Avenue
The Avenue

The atlantic Ave, located along the central portion of Atlantic Avenue that runs through downtown Delray Beach attractions, is the city’s most trendy shopping, dining, and entertainment district.

It’s a pedestrian-friendly neighborhood that’s ideal for an afternoon or evening stroll. It has tree-lined streets and small-town charm, but it also has an eclectic mix of shops, galleries, cafes, and restaurants.

The atlantic ave can get crowded, especially in the evenings and on weekends, and for those who’ve had their fill of delray beach playhouse or delray beach tennis center and swamp tours, it’s a welcome change of pace and a great place to unwind with a cup of coffee or glass of wine.

8. Sandoway Discovery Center

Sandoway Discovery Center
Sandoway Discovery Center

The Sandoway Discovery Center on South Ocean blvd in Delray Beach is part nature preserve, part zoo, and part classroom, with a variety of educational and recreational options; for those traveling with animal-loving children, it’s a great place to spend a few hours.

They’ll enjoy the scheduled shark and alligator feedings, and the center has one of the largest shell collections in the state, which is popular with amateur beachcombers.

There are guided beach atlantic ocean and dune tours available, which are a great way to get outside, burn some calories, and get up close and personal with some amazing habitats and animals near in colony hotel.

9. Sundook Fine Art Galleries

Sundook Fine Art Galleries
Sundook Fine Art Galleries

Sundook Fine Art Galleries, located on East Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach, was founded nearly four decades ago. It has since evolved into one of the area’s most distinctive and well-regarded galleries.

The gallery’s works, which include paintings, sculptures, and prints, are the work of local, national, and international artists. They also provide other services such as custom framing, packaging, and shipping.

They frequently host community events such as book signings and opportunities to meet authors and artists, so check their website to see what’s on their calendar of events for the dates you’ll be visiting.

10. Delray Beach Children’s Garden 10

Delray Beach Children's
Delray Beach Children’s

The Delray Beach Children’s Garden is dedicated to teaching children about the importance of the natural world, which may be the best way to ensure its preservation.

The garden, which is located just off Atlantic Avenue, is made up of two acres of land donated by a local church. It provides numerous opportunities for children and adults to learn, play, and collaborate in a natural setting.

On days when the kids are working, there are a variety of trees, cultivated areas, a pond, gardening tools, and an oversized chair where the popular story time reading activity takes place.

11. The Wick Theatre and Costume Museum is number eleven.

The Wick Theatre and Costume Museum
The Wick Theatre and Costume Museum

A woman with a world-class collection of Broadway costumes bought a 300-seat theatre that had fallen on hard times in 2013. Since then, the Wick Theatre and Costume Museum has been a popular destination for those looking for a taste of New York in Florida.

In addition to the cornell art museum and community theater, the facility now includes a restaurant modeled after New York’s Tavern on the Green; it’s the ideal spot to grab a drink and a bite before seeing a show.

There are several guided tour options available, some of which include a pre-show dinner, drinks, and tours of the costume collection, as well as an evening show. It is in the nearby Boca Raton.

12. Mizner Park is number twelve.

Mizner Park
Mizner Park

Mizner Park in Boca Raton is one of the area’s most popular community recreation attractions, and it’s close to other local hotspots, making it a convenient side-trip when visiting Boca.

It’s the kind of place where you could easily spend a few hours, with an art museum, outdoor amphitheater, and a variety of trendy shops, bars, pineapple grove and eateries.

The gulfstream park hosts a free summer concert series that is popular among locals and features a wide range of musical genres, from jazz and blues to classical.

There are numerous cheap gulfstream park options nearby, though they can fill up quickly on event days.

13. The Palm Beach Zoo

The Palm Beach Zoo
The Palm Beach Zoo

The Palm Beach Zoo, which is spread across more than 20 acres and includes tropical gardens as well as a wide variety of animals and natural habitats from around the world, is a fun and informative family recreation destination that is the perfect change of pace from the beach.

The snake and lizard-filled reptile house, the tigers, and the cute and cuddly koala bears are among the zoo’s perennial favorites.

The zoo also has amusement park elements such as play fountains and carousels. For those who prefer not to walk, there is a train that takes visitors to the park’s exhibits in style.

14. Norton Museum of Art

Norton Museum of Art
Norton Museum of Art

Norton Museum of Art, one of Florida’s most prestigious artistic and cultural institutions, was founded nearly 80 years ago and houses priceless collections of American, European, and Asian art.

The majority of the museum’s pieces are contemporary, including works by well-known and troubled artists such as Jackson Pollock and Pablo Picasso.

In addition to their permanent collections, the museum frequently hosts temporary ones from other institutions, so you’ll likely see something new every time you visit.

They also have guest speakers, educational and instructional programs, and guided tours for those who want to learn more about the items on display.

15. Mounts Botanical Garden

Mounts Botanical Garden
Mounts Botanical Garden

Mounts Botanical Garden is West Palm Beach’s largest and most well-known facility of its kind, with a variety of distinct cultivated gardens containing thousands of plants, trees, and flowers from around the world.

The garden areas are linked by paths that include plaques that explain what visitors are seeing.

The fruit, herb, and palm gardens are among the most popular, and there are seating areas scattered throughout the grounds that are ideal for relaxing with a cold drink and admiring the beauty. Most visitors spend a few hours here before embarking on new adventures.


What makes Delray Beach famous?

Delray Beach was named the “Most Fun Small Town in the United States” by Rand McNally and USA Today, and it’s easy to see why. Delray Beach is famous for its lively main street, inviting beach weather, a thriving arts garage scene, and interesting culture that dates back centuries. It is located between Boynton Beach and Boca Raton.

Is Delray Beach opulent?

Despite its relaxed beach vibe, Delray Beach offers many of the luxurious amenities that our most discerning clients require,” says Nick Malinosky, Executive Director of Luxury Sales at Douglas Elliman Delray Beach.

Which is more beautiful, West Palm Beach or Delray Beach?

Palm Beach county is more expensive than Delray Beach. The beaches are beautiful and more private than those in Delray Beach. The shopping is mostly upscale (Worth Ave), with plenty of upscale restaurants and museums. Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach is younger and more vibrant.

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