Fresno is in the San Joaquin Valley of California. Positioned almost exactly halfway between California’s two major cities, Los Angeles and San Francisco, it serves as the state’s geographic epicenter. 

Hidden Gems In Fresno CA
Hidden Gems In Fresno CA

36 Fun & Best Things To Do In Fresno CA (California) Here

Hidden Gems In Fresno CA because of its convenient location, Fresno is frequently visited by tourists driving through California, but the city is also quickly gaining popularity as a tourist destination in its own right thanks to the abundance of exciting opportunities it provides.

The city is not near the ocean, but it is surrounded by majestic mountains, and Yosemite National Park is only an hour away by car. Fresno is the state of California’s fifth largest city.

Many people live there, but the atmosphere is more akin to that of a sleepy Northern California suburb. Guests can enjoy a wide variety of sights, from peaceful parks to upscale shopping districts and interesting historical sites. Here are the best things to do in Fresno and San Diego if you’re visiting this city in California’s central valley.

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33 Free Things To Do In Fresno CA (California)

List of 12 Hidden Gems in Fresno CA Today

In this city in the valley’s center, visitors can choose from a wide range of fun activities. Everyone can find what they’re looking for, whether it’s relaxing days in the great outdoors, delicious meals, or thrilling adventures. Below you’ll find our top 12 Fresno attractions.

1. Explore the City’s Top Outdoor Shopping Center

The Riverpark Shopping
The Riverpark Shopping

The Riverpark Shopping Center is a popular tourist destination in the state of Fresno. Everyone can find what they’re looking for in this massive outdoor shopping center. The area is filled with shops of all sizes, from malls to specialized boutiques.

In terms of dining options, you can choose from a wide variety of establishments that serve everything from fast food to fine dining. Restaurants serving everything from Lebanese cuisine to steak are plentiful. There’s also a sizable theater with multiple IMAX screens.

There are a lot of kid-friendly stores in this mall. A large outdoor play area, complete with a variety of entertaining and creative playthings for children, is located next to the movie theater. There’s a candy store and arcade right next to the playground!

2. Woodward Regional Park

Woodward Regional Park
Woodward Regional Park

For horseback riding, Fresno’s most extensive park is Woodward Regional. Walking/jogging paths, picnic tables, a pond, expansive grassy areas, and multiple playgrounds can all be found within. Each vehicle must pay the park’s entrance fee of $5 USD. Those visiting the reading park will be pleased to know that it is equipped with restrooms and drinking fountains.

The Shinzen Friendship Garden is the main draw at this park. The local Japanese-American community created this 5-acre garden. It captures the complex beauty of a shaver lake in Japanese landscaping.

The interior features a sizable koi pond, several peacocks, a reflective pond, over a hundred bonsai trees, and much more. It’s kept in good condition, and it’s a nice place to unwind. There is a $5.00 adult and $1.00 child admission fee to enter the Japanese Garden.

3. Enjoy a Great American Pastime

Enjoy a Great American Pastime
Enjoy a Great American Pastime

Fresno has a minor league baseball team called the Fresno State Grizzlies. Going to a game and cheering on the home team with the locals is a great way to spend an afternoon or evening in Fresno if you’re a sports fan. The atmosphere at baseball games is great for making new friends.

The baseball field has been meticulously maintained. A new water play area has been added, making for a fun and refreshing time for kids on hot summer days. You can buy all sorts of snacks and drinks at the concession stands.

The price is manageable for typical households. Attending a Fresno Grizzly game is a fantastic way to spend an evening.

4. Vibrant Murals Of Downtown Fresno

Vibrant Murals Of Downtown Fresno
Vibrant Murals Of Downtown Fresno

You can’t go to the Mural District of Downtown Fresno without seeing Broadway Studios. Although there is impressive artwork inside the gallery, it is the murals on the gallery’s exterior that truly take your breath away.

The west alley’s fantastic plant and animal sculptures are a popular attraction. The route begins at Broadway and Tuolumne and zigzags through several city blocks, including Fulton Street, Van Ness Avenue, Calaveras Street, M Street, and beyond.

Beautiful artwork called “Fresno Stamp” can be found on the side of a CVS in downtown Fresno. A quick glance around will reveal why named Fresno one of the best cities in the United States for street art.

5. Fresno’s Growing Coffee Scene

Fulton Street Coffee
Fulton Street Coffee

Do not miss this gem while exploring Downtown Fresno in search of murals. The high quality of Fulton Street Coffee Roasters’ beans is the result of their collaboration with farmers all over the world.

One of their partners, Raizana Tea Co., is a great place to get a variety of tasty teas and other beverages besides coffee. Get your groceries in bulk or grab a quick bite. Drinking something refreshing like a chilled dulce de leche latte or a glass of freshly squeezed rose lemonade is just what you need right now.

6. Check Out the Local Craft Beer Scene

Tioga-Sequoia Brewing Company
Tioga-Sequoia Brewing Company

Among the best places to meet locals in Fresno is at a craft brewery. There are many local microbreweries to choose from if you’re looking for a laid-back and peaceful time.

The beer garden at Tioga-Sequoia Brewing Company features an ever-rotating selection of brews. There is a lot of people-watching and chatting to be done at this brewery. You can have fun with your pals by playing games like foosball and corn hole. Events are frequently held, and food trucks are frequently stationed outside.

One more fantastic alternative is Pine & Palm Brewery. The craft beers on tap at this cozy establishment are always changing. You can find a vegan food truck selling “I can’t believe this is vegan,” plant-based junk food on the weekends in front of the brewery.

7. Indulge in Mouth-Watering Mexican Cuisine

Bobby Salazars
Bobby Salazars

The Mexican influence in Fresno is what makes the food so extraordinary. There are many excellent Mexican eateries scattered about town.

Head on over to Bobby Salazars for the best salsa you’ve ever had with your casual margarita. The Mexican restaurant franchise in Fresno, California, is known for its friendly service and delicious food. All over the San Joaquin Valley, you can find their salsa in supermarkets.

You can get a taste of home at Castillo’s Mexican Food. This restaurant is run by a family and serves delicious, traditional Mexican food and a wide variety of margarita flavors.

8. Explore the Underground Gardens

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Underground structures for the Forestiere Gardens were constructed from 1906 until 1946. Indeed, this Fresno landmark is one of the city’s best-kept secrets.

Baldassare Forestiere envisioned this subterranean society. Arriving in the United States in 1901, he was of Sicilian descent. Using the local hardpan sedimentary rock, he constructed a hidden underground maze of caves and gardens.

Baldassare, an untutored artist, found his inspiration for his subterranean world in the ancient catacombs close to his Sicilian hometown. Baldassare imagined every detail as he worked.

You can find this underground complex on West Shaw Avenue, which is one of the most interesting destinations in all of Fresno. It’s closed on Tuesdays but open every other day.

9. Enjoy a Meal at an Artistic Restaurant

Starving Artists Bistro
Starving Artists Bistro

Fresno’s artists, musicians, and cuisine are featured at the Starving Artists Bistro. The eclectic and regional cuisine on the menu is a reflection of the city’s culture and character.

All of the restaurant’s artwork was created by regional designers and is for sale if you find something you like.

The restaurant frequently features performances by talented individuals from the surrounding area. There is also a free-speech zone there.

When their regular acts aren’t scheduled, performers are free to take the stage and entertain the crowd. This restaurant goes above and beyond the call of duty to become a full-service destination.

10. Visit a Historic Victorian Home

Meux Home Museum
Meux Home Museum

The Meux Home Museum is a Victorian home from the nineteenth century. It has a beautiful garden and authentic period furniture. The finest examples of Victorian era architecture and artwork can be found in this home.

There are sixteen rooms to check out, and each one is as grand and opulent as it was when it was first built in the 1800s. The house has been meticulously preserved, making a trip through the grounds an informative and enjoyable experience. 

Docents are available to provide information about the home’s past and answer any questions you may have.

11. Entertaining Evening at the Savemart Center

Save Mart Center
Save Mart Center

There are many exciting events held at the Savemart Center throughout the year. There is a wide variety of options, from the most famous musicians to sporting events. The Savemart center in Fresno is situated in the middle of Southern California, making it an ideal meeting place for musicians traveling from both ends of the region.

Famous musicians who have performed there in the past include Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, and many more. You can see who will be performing before you go by checking their schedule online.

12. Party in the Tower District

Tower District
Tower District

When in Fresno, California, visit the Tower District for a taste of the city’s vibrant dining, arts, and nightlife scene, all within walking distance of the Fresno Chaffee Zoo.

It’s got everything from cafes and restaurants to nightclubs and art galleries, and everything in between! The Tower Theatre hosts a variety of evening performances.

Have a meal at a cozy restaurant, listen to some live music at a dive bar, or party the night away at a swanky nightclub. Go to the iconic Tower District Theater if you’re in the mood for a performance. Strummers Bar and Grill is the place to go in Fresno Chaffee Zoo for a night out on the town, complete with dancing and drinks.

Start Planning Your Trip To Fresno CA

We hoped you liked our suggestions for exciting activities in Fresno, California. The city serves as a convenient halfway point for travelers between San Francisco and Los Angeles due to its central location in the state.

There are many things to do in the area, whether you plan to stay for a few days or just a few hours.

North West Fresno is a popular tourist destination because of the relaxed atmosphere of the Fresno Art Museum compared to that of other major California cities. There is something for everyone, from large shopping malls to quiet gardens to places where the whole family can have fun.

FAQs Hidden Gems In Fresno CA

What is the biggest Park in Fresno?

The 300-acre Woodward Park is the largest river park in Fresno County. There are three playgrounds, a dog park, and a dog run, as well as five miles of trails through the park’s authentic Japanese Garden.

What is Fresno known for?

It has 1.88 million acres of some of the most fertile farmland in the world, making it an agricultural powerhouse. More than ten thousand hotel rooms and numerous cutting-edge arenas and convention centers can be found in Fresno County.

Is Fresno safe at night?

It is safe to walk around Fresno at night in most areas, but you should avoid the Highway 99 corridor. At this city hub, visitors from far and wide congregate, making for an occasionally rowdy crowd.

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