McCarran International Airport (LAS) is constantly busy since more than 40 million tourists visit Las Vegas annually.

Plan if you prefer to spend your time enjoying the attractions rather than wasting it waiting in queues.

To get cheaper discounts in advance, book a rental car and buy performance tickets before you leave your house. Renting a car allows you the flexibility to create your itinerary while in Sin City because there are so many nearby sights waiting to be discovered.

Cheap flights to Vegas from Dallas
Cheap flights to Vegas from Dallas

Cheap flights to Vegas from Dallas, Las Vegas is a well-liked destination for Southern Californians, and many make a stop there en route to northern destinations. Los Angeles is less than 4 hours away by I-15. I-15 runs through Vegas before turning north towards Salt Lake City and meeting I-95 not far from the city center.

Las Vegas has a rich heritage outside the casino sector. Check out the Clark County Museum, which is close to Boulder Highway, if you enjoy history. The museum’s displays offer a look at desert life 100 years ago, as well as information about silver mining and a ruined ghost town.

Top tips for finding a cheap flight

  •  On average, the best airline deals from Dallas to Las Vegas are available 46 days before departure.
  • Make your reservation at least two weeks before your trip to secure a lower price.
  • The peak months are regarded as April, May, and June. Flying is most affordable in January.
  • A significant transportation hub, Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) has five terminals that are connected by walkways and the SkyLink rail. You can travel between the terminals airside on the automated SkyLink train, which runs at two-minute intervals. You can travel between the terminals via the shuttle service on the ground level.
Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport
Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport
  •  Visiting the Strip soon? At Harry Reid International Airport, start by trying your luck at the slots (LAS). The slot machines at LAS are spread out across the airport and are accessible to anyone who is at least 21 years old.
  • Looking to relax before your flight to Las Vegas? Unwind and unwind in the airplane lounges at DFW. While Delta, British Airways, Lufthansa, and Korean Air have members-only lounges at DFW, American Airlines and United Airlines operate pay-at-the-door lounges. Other lounges at DFW that you can access for a fee include The Club at DFW and the Plaza Premium Lounge.
The Club at DFW
The Club at DFW
  • If sprinting to the next gate isn’t your idea of an airport workout, take a stroll or power stroll along the DFW walking trail. The route can be found between Gates D6 and D40. Additionally, you can stretch before your flight to Las Vegas at the yoga studio located at Gate D40.
  • Compared to DFW, Dallas Love Field Airport (DAL) is smaller and less congested. Because DAL just has one terminal and has shorter lines and quicker clearance procedures, navigating the airport is quite simple. However, you will only be able to board Southwest Airlines flights if you decide to depart from DAL.

General Questions Cheap flights to Vegas from Dallas

How much time does it take to fly from Dallas to Las Vegas?

Regardless of the airport, you fly from, the time of day or the carrier, direct flights from Dallas to Las Vegas take a little under three hours from gate to gate.

Which airlines fly between Dallas and Las Vegas?

While Virgin America and Southwest travel directly from DAL to LAS, Spirit, and America provide direct flights from DFW to LAS. Additionally, flights with stops are available from Delta, United, Sun Country, Frontier, and Alaska Airlines, but you won’t save any money and the trip will often take longer.

How often do planes go from Dallas to Las Vegas?

Take a nonstop flight whenever it’s convenient for you; on an average day, 20 direct flights leave Dallas for Las Vegas. In the early morning, direct flights start. and the final flight takes off late at night.

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Which airports connect Las Vegas and Dallas?

Las Vegas is served by McCarran International Airport (LAS) and North Las Vegas Airport (VGT), while Greater Dallas is served by Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) and Dallas Love Field (DAL). VGT only offers limited regional service.

McCarran International Airport
McCarran International Airport

Which direct flight from Dallas to Las Vegas is the least expensive?

Direct travel via the DFW to LAS corridor is the cheapest way to get from D-Town to Las Vegas. You won’t save any money by booking a flight with pauses between these cities. While Dallas and Las Vegas both have generally mild weather throughout the year, Dallas has a higher probability of precipitation due to its notably higher humidity. There aren’t many parallels between these two very different cities, other than the normal bright weather and a ton of golf courses. While Las Vegas is the City of Sin and features world-class casinos, quick and simple marriage and divorce, 24-hour booze stores, and extravagant entertainment, Big D has a very conservative vibe. View our sleek, user-friendly website.

How crowded are the airports in Las Vegas and Dallas?

You will depart Dallas via the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport if you are traveling to Las Vegas from Dallas (DFW). This is the main airport that services Fort Worth and Dallas. This airport is one of the busiest in the world for passenger traffic and one of American Airlines’ largest hubs in the country. You will land at McCarran International Airport when you reach Las Vegas (LAS). It takes less than ten minutes to get from the airport to well-known tourist attractions such as the Las Vegas Strip, and it takes approximately eight miles to get to downtown.

What airlines operate direct flights between Dallas and Las Vegas?

direct flights between Dallas and Las Vegas
direct flights between Dallas and Las Vegas

There are a few airlines that offer direct flights to Las Vegas, making it easy for Dallas travelers to travel there. American Airlines, Frontier, and Spirit are a few of the airlines that offer direct flights to Las Vegas. There are numerous flights daily going to and from the two cities, so you can choose which airline and what time of day you want to fly. Since most flights operating from Dallas to Las Vegas are direct flights, you have more airline options to choose from. Sun Country Air, Southwest, and Delta are additional airline possibilities.

What choices are there for layovers on the way from Dallas to Las Vegas?

On flights from Dallas to Las Vegas, stopover alternatives are scarce. There are between 15 and 20 daily flights from Dallas to Las Vegas, the majority of which are direct. You will probably find a flight that stops in Los Angeles, Denver, Houston, or Salt Lake City if you do decide to choose a layover city. Because there are so many airlines and flights on this route, it is unlikely that booking a layover will result in significant financial savings over booking a direct flight. The amount of time it takes to go from Dallas to Las Vegas through flights with layovers will increase. Typically, layovers last one to three hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the flight to Las Vegas from Dallas (Love Field)?

2 hours 53 minutes is the typical flight time between Dallas (Love Field) and Las Vegas (McCarran).

How many Southwest flights are operated between Dallas (Love Field) and Las Vegas every week?

Southwest Airlines has 140 weekly flights between Dallas (Love Field) and Las Vegas.

Does Southwest offer nonstop flights from Dallas (Love Field) to Las Vegas throughout the workweek?

Yes, six times daily, Monday through Friday, Southwest flies nonstop between Dallas (Love Field) and Las Vegas.

Southwest offers nonstop weekend service between Dallas (Love Field) and Las Vegas.

Yes, Southwest has nonstop service four times on Saturdays and six times on Sundays between Dallas (Love Field) and Las Vegas.

On what day are the prices from Dallas (Love Field) to Las Vegas the lowest?

Check out our Low Fare Calendar to see which days and times of the day Southwest has the cheapest flights from Dallas (Love Field) to Las Vegas.

Can I make changes to the flight I have booked from Dallas (Love Field) to Las Vegas?

 Yes! There are no change fees for flights from Dallas (Love Field) to Las Vegas—or from anywhere else. Some fare variation might be present.

Where can I check the progress of my Dallas (Love Field) to Las Vegas flight?

The status of your next Southwest flight may be found here.

Where can I find answers to more queries concerning Southwest’s flights from Dallas (Love Field) to Las Vegas?

For useful information and responses to frequently asked questions, go to the Southwest Airlines Help Center.

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