San Salvador, the Little Giant, Will Make You Fall in Love

Its capital, San Salvador, is the oldest city in all of Central America. It was established in 1525 and has served as the political and economic hub of Salvadorans ever since the Spanish colony.
The summits of the San Salvador Volcano reach 1893 meters high and bite into the horizon to the west of the nation’s capital, resembling the sharp, emerald fangs of a giant.

Cheap flights to El Salvador ELSL
Cheap flights to El Salvador ELSL

Cheap flights to El Salvador ELSL, with repeated reports of eruptions that buried streets, uprooted trees, and destroyed homes, its watchful volcano has molded society’s evolution. But the San Salvadoreans’ tenacity won out, and they managed to create a city that is 72.5 square kilometers in size and includes 667 structures that have been designated as being of National Interest.

Understanding the topography of the country begins with San Salvador. Every year, thousands of surfers travel to the beaches of La Libertad and El Tunco, two departments about 40 kilometers from the city.

A settlement called Joya del Cerén, which was established 1,400 years ago, was also saved following the Laguna de Calderas explosion. Its archaeological ruins, which are now referred to as the “Pompeii of America,” are 35.5 kilometers from the nation’s capital and are protected as a World Heritage Site.

Travel to San Salvador

Pompeii of the Americas
Pompeii of the Americas

The Pompeii of the Americas is the Joya de Cerén Archaeological Site, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Along the informative pathways, discover daily Maya life while viewing well-preserved ceramics.

Visit the active volcano in El Boquerón National Park, whose latest eruption occurred in 1917. View the indigenous flora, which includes hibiscus and calla lilies, as you hike among the craters. The peak should be climbed for sweeping views.

Visit the Museo de Arte de El Salvador to learn more about Salvadoran art. Visit a dance or musical performance in addition to viewing Llort, Valenzuela, and Molina’s works.

Did you know the San Salvador flight statistics?

Comalapa International Airport is 33 miles from San Salvador (San Salvador, El Salvador).

Airport of Comalapa (San Salvador, El Salvador)

Twenty airlines currently fly out of Comalapa International Airport.
19 cities are serviced by nonstop flights from Comalapa Intl Airport.
At least 311 international flights leave from Comalapa International Airport each week.

top suggestions for Cheap flights to El Salvador ELSL

locating low-cost flights to El Salvador
locating low-cost flights to El Salvador

To secure a lower price, make your reservation at least two weeks before your trip.

The months of January, November, and December are regarded as the high season. February is the cheapest month to go to El Salvador.

To see the newest El Salvador flight fares, enter your favorite departure airport and trip dates in the search form above.

When searching for flights to El Salvador, you should look for ones that land at San Salvador’s El Salvador Saint-Oscar Arnulfo Romero International Airport (SAN). The commercial airport for the entire nation is located here.

Look for tickets with layovers to get more economical flights to El Salvador. There are less expensive itineraries, for instance, flown by Spirit Airlines and stopping at Fort Lauderdale International Airport (FLL).

The airport has car rental companies on-site if you want to rent a car while you’re in El Salvador. You won’t have to worry about getting a ride to pick up your rental automobile this way.

You’ll be close to some of the best sites in El Salvador if you fly into the main airport, Saint Oscar Arnulfo Romero International Airport (SAN), which is located southeast of San Salvador. The well-known Costa del Sol Beach is only 30 minutes away from the airport, which is close to the ocean.

Every American visiting El Salvador must have a current passport that has at least one blank page available for any entry or exit stamps.

General Questions

What is the flying time to El Salvador?

That depends on where you start, ut have a look at these typical travel times for a few popular flights to El Salvador:

Washington, DC (IAD-Washington Dulles Intl.) to El Salvador Intl. Airport (SAL) – 4 hours and 40 minutes

Newark, NJ (EWR-Liberty Intl.) to El Salvador Intl. Airport (SAL) – 5 hours and 16 minutes

New York, NY (JFK-John F. Kennedy Intl.) to El Salvador Intl. Airport (SAL) – 4 hours and 50 minutes

What activities are most recommended in El Salvador?

Estadio Cuscatlan
Estadio Cuscatlan

You’re probably going to start your trip in San Salvador since it’s the main entry point to El Salvador. Expect to be busy if you do. There is a multitude of activities to keep you busy, including top attractions like Estadio Cuscatlan, restaurants, shopping, and more.

You should prepare for the humid savanna climate of San Salvador. Check the local weather forecast a day or two before you leave for your trip to see if any natural occurrences, like storms, are expected. You’ll want to be ready whether it’s hot, chilly, sunny, or windy.

What time of year is ideal for travel to El Salvador?

The Northern Hemisphere’s summer season starts on June 20, making these pleasant months a great time to visit San Salvador, the capital of El Salvador. Throughout the season, the average temperature fluctuates between 70 oF (20 oC) and 90 oF (35 oC). Here, the throngs are at their thickest.

Can I reschedule my flight to El Salvador because of COVID-19?

You may find helpful information regarding modifying or canceling your flight due to COVID-19 on our convenient Customer Service Portal. It’s a good idea to review the terms and conditions of your favorite airline as well before making your ticket reservations.

How can I locate the cheapest flights to El Salvador with accommodating change policies?

Find low-cost El Salvador flights, then choose the “No change charge” checkbox next to the “Flexible change policies” filter. It’s that easy. We comprehend that plans may alter and that flexibility is crucial.

What general advice would you provide visitors to El Salvador at this time of COVID-19 outbreak?

Find out if there are any rules or limitations that apply to both your starting point and ending point. Depending on the situation where you are, you might not be able to travel, so be sure to check before making a reservation.

Keep your face mask on while you go through airport security checks. You will be required to momentarily lower it in order to be identified. Mask refusal may result in a fine and denial of boarding.

Do not provide a TSA agent your boarding pass, whether it be paper or electronic. Place the pass on the reader instead, then raise it for scrutiny.

One hand sanitizer jar up to 12 oz (350 ml) in size is allowed in your carry-on luggage. This will have to be removed for X-ray inspection.

Place goods like your phone, keys, and wallet into your carry-on bag rather than the bins to reduce handling during screening.

Any food you have should be divided for X-ray inspection. It will require fewer touches and inspections from TSA personnel if you place it in a clear plastic bag and a bin.

Frequently asked questions

Where can I find affordable airfare to El Salvador?

Being flexible with your travel dates is a fantastic way to get low-cost flights. To check costs for nearby days, start by looking for a flight to El Salvador, then click the “flexible dates” link to see. A further helpful hint? Reserve far in advance.

What are the most frequently used airports in El Salvador?

The primary airport used by travelers arriving in El Salvador is El Salvador International Airport (SAL). This airport receives 859 flights on average per month.
Which time of year has the lowest airfare to El Salvador?
To increase your chances of finding the cheapest flight to El Salvador, depart on a Tuesday. The second cheapest day to take a vacation is typically Monday. Generally speaking, Saturday is the most expensive day to fly.

Are direct flights to El Salvador available?

It is feasible to obtain nonstop flights from the United States to El Salvador in Central America. These direct flights land in San Salvador, the nation’s capital, at Saint-Scar Arnulfo Romero International Airport (SAN). Avianca Airline and other airlines offer year-round nonstop service from a number of airports, including Dulles International Airport (IAD) in Washington, DC, Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (DFW), and Los Angeles Airport (LAX).

Is a visa required to enter El Salvador?

As long as your vacation to El Salvador doesn’t last longer than 90 days, you are exempt from needing a tourist visa if you are a citizen of the United States. However, upon their arrival at El Salvador Saint Juan Arnulfo Romero International Airport (SAN) in San Salvador, all U.S. citizens who were not born in El Salvador must buy a tourist card. 

Which child seat regulations apply in El Salvador?

It might be better to carry a child seat from the US if you’re taking a family trip to El Salvador and intend to hire a car. Children under the age of 12 are not permitted to ride in the front seats in El Salvador, although there are no specific rules governing kid restraints or seats. However, visitors should inquire in advance with their car rental company to see if child seats are available.

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