Portland is without a doubt the place to go for any locals wishing to escape the rigmarole of life in the Pacific Northwest.

Cheap flights from Portland OR
Cheap flights from Portland OR

Cheap flights from Portland OR, Portland International has more than 90% of commercial aviation traffic now flowing into and out of Oregon. The airport also offers a ton of great rates on plane connections to destinations around the nation, from the rolling hills of Texas to the bluesy downtown bars of busy Chicago, for tourists on a limited budget.

We have compiled the following list of the cheapest flights currently leaving Portland’s airport to help travelers find the cheapest flight deal overall.

Cheap Flights from Portland Airport

Portland is the ideal location to hunt for cheap flights because booking a trip from there is so easy and quick. You may compare inexpensive flights from Portland to your selected location by simply clicking the search button above, selecting Portland, and then selecting “anywhere.”

You’ll get a list of countries, airlines, and prices for both direct and indirect trips from this. If your trip dates are flexible, it will even be possible to show you when it is cheapest to fly out of Portland. For your stay in Portland, you must make hotel reservations.

If you’ve found a great price on flights from Portland, you can book for free on tens of thousands of other cheap airline tickets and locations around the globe.

As you depart Portland

Portland International Airport
Portland International Airport

The main airport serving the Portland metropolitan area is Portland International Airport (PDX). The airport serves as a hub for Alaska Airlines, Horizon Air, SeaPort Airlines, and United Express and is situated 12 miles northwest of Portland.

Numerous non-stop flights to dozens of locations in the United States, Canada, Japan, and the Netherlands are available from PDX on approximately 15 different carriers. 

The most well-liked domestic travel destinations are Las Vegas, Seattle, Denver, San Francisco, and Phoenix. The top foreign travel destinations are Toronto, Vancouver, Amsterdam, and Tokyo.

Looking for Low-Cost Flights?

From Portland International Airport, several low-cost airlines operate flights, including Frontier Airlines, JetBlue Airways, Southwest Airlines, and Spirit Airlines.

 Those looking for low-cost flight tickets should be sure to include all of these airlines in their search. But to benefit from low fares, you don’t necessarily need to use a low-cost carrier. Frequently, full-service airlines will match low-cost carriers’ pricing on routes they cover.

 Therefore, you should be able to locate low-cost tickets if you’re traveling to locations covered by Frontier, JetBlue, Southwest, and Spirit, such as Chicago, San Diego, Denver, New York, and Las Vegas.

Popular roundtrip flight destinations

 Portland to Orlando
Portland to Orlando

Need additional suggestions on where to go? Here are more popular roundtrip flight destinations taken by fellow travelers.

Flights from Portland to New York

Flights from Portland to Chicago

Flights from Portland to Orlando

Flights from Portland to London

Flights from Portland to Paris

Flights from Portland to Washington, D.C.

Flights from Portland to Rome

Flights from Portland to Tokyo

Where does Portland have flights to?

At present, the following destinations are accessible by flying directly from Portland

Portland to New York

Portland to Chicago

Portland to Orlando

Portland to Washington, D.C.

Portland to Reykjavik

Portland to London

Portland to Phoenix

Portland to Dallas

Portland to Detroit

Portland to Toronto

General Questions Cheap flights from Portland OR

Is the PDX Airport a global airport?

Portland International Airport (PDX) can accommodate both domestic and international flights. 

Before you leave, be sure to take advantage of any of their fantastic sales.

Is the PDX Airport equipped with free WiFi?

Yes. Enjoy having access to the free Wi-Fi at Portland Airport, whether you want to find some entertainment or you need to let your loved ones know you’re here.

What carriers operate out of PDX Airport?

Prepare to wander well and learn more about your surroundings.

 You’re sure to find a cheap flight ticket that will make your money last longer thanks to the wide selection of domestic airlines that operate out of PDX. 

The top airlines are listed below: PDX is a hub for the following foreign airlines:

Which PDX Airport terminal will your airline use to depart from? 

Finding out which terminal you’ll be flying out of is important if you’re traveling with anxious passengers. 

The information you need should be available in your booking confirmation or by contacting your airline.

What is Portland International Airport’s (PDX) airport code? 

The airport code for Portland International Airport is PDX.

How far is Portland International Airport (PDX) from the city’s center?

Rent a car in Portland
Rent a car in Portland

Rent a car in Portland and drive right into the city from the airport. At Portland International Airport, you can book a ride with Dollar and Avis, two excellent providers (PDX).

 Put your bags in the trunk, drive 7 miles (11 km) southwest, and you’ll arrive at the city’s core.

Is there a hotel at Portland Airport?

The Portland International Airport does not have any hotels (PDX). But if you broaden your search criteria, you’ll undoubtedly find a fantastic spot to stay before your flight.

 Make sure to look at the accommodations at the Red Lion Hotel Portland Airport and the Country Inn & Suites by Radisson, Portland International Airport, OR. These two options are just a short drive from the check-in desk.

 The former boasts an on-site ATM, an in-lobby fireplace, and a picnic space, while the latter has a gift store, a 24-hour business center, and an indoor fireplace.

In PDX, are there private lounges?

In one of the PDX Airport’s private lounges, you can escape the crowds (we know the hustle and bustle of the main departures area can be a stressful start to a journey). 

To make sure you can enter the lounge, check online. If not, you’ll probably need to get a day pass.

The 10 Cheapest Flights from Portland

Cheapest Flights from Portland
Cheapest Flights from Portland

1. Fly from Portland to Denver

Denver would sound somewhat familiar to an Oregonian given its innumerable microbreweries, towering snow-capped mountains, and remnants of the Wild West.

 On the plus side, that probably means travelers arriving from Portland International Airport will feel perfectly at home in Denver, not to mention happy about some fairly sizable travel cost savings, since nonstop flights on Frontier Airlines are presently offered.

2. Fly from Portland to Oakland

It’s hardly surprising that these quick connections between Portland and Oakland in the Bay Area are priced at a budget-friendly round trip when flying directly with Alaska Airlines as the flight takes less than two hours and only covers 544 miles.

 After arriving, visitors should be sure to visit the famous literary locations scattered throughout the city, such as Jack London Square and Joaquin Miller Park with its imposing redwoods and winding bike paths.

3. Fly from Portland to San Jose 

This Bay City institution is packed at the seams with attractions, from cutting-edge tech companies touting the newest gadgetry to eerie haunted houses bearing the Winchester name to avant-garde shows at the San Jose Museum of Art. 

As one of the more affordable options available to Portland residents, potential travelers might look into Alaska Airlines’ round-trip flights that arrive at San Jose International in less than two hours.

4. Fly from Portland to San Francisco

Even though San Francisco is a hilly city and only a short drive along Interstate 5, who needs vehicles when there are planes? 

The cheapest options are all nonstop flights with United Airlines, Virgin America, or Alaska Airlines on average. 

There are now no fewer than four different airlines operating regular direct and indirect connections between PDX and SFO. Hello from Alcatraz!

5. Fly from Portland to Dallas Round Trip Flight

Forget Portland’s homebrewed beer and grunge clubs for a moment; all-American BBQs, smoky brisket lunches, frolicking rodeos, and foot-stomping country music are calling you.

 Locals from Oregon are flown 1,614 miles across the width of the continental United States to brush Dallas, where the World Aquarium coexists alongside Six Flags and the Texas State Fair begins in earnest every fall. 

On their nonstop flight into town, Spirit Airlines offers the most affordable seats, with average prices that are rather appealing.

6. Fly from Portland to Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a place that doesn’t require an introduction. It’s ideal for bachelor parties, spring break trips, and weekend blowouts packed with gambling, rooftop partying, roller-coaster riding, and hedonism unrestrained. 

The sixth-cheapest location currently covered by flights from Portland is also the most popular one, boasting ticket costs in the neighborhood of only when flying nonstop on low-cost airline Spirit Airlines. That should enable you to save some cash for the expensive games.

7. Fly from Portland to San Diego

San Diego continues to be one seriously hip and self-assured tourist destination, spilling out onto some of the most beautiful beaches Southern California has to offer.

 One is that it has world-famous attractions like Legoland and the San Diego Zoo, as well as world-class golf courses in La Jolla and a thriving nightlife district in the Gaslamp Quarter.

 All it costs for round-trip flights right now, with Alaska Airlines providing the overall cheapest seats, and then there are the surf breaks and the microbreweries waiting for the hops enthusiasts of Portland to pass by.

8. Fly from Portland to Long Beach Round Trip Flight

These flights drop off travelers at the cosmopolitan port city of Long Beach, which is located just south of downtown Los Angeles, and are a wonderful option for the more expensive and competitive air connections that are currently available between Portland and Los Angeles (also on this list).

 For a pitiful round-trip fare only when traveling nonstop with JetBlue Airways, you can easily explore the winding canals of Naples, the El Dorado parkland, and the surfing hotspots of Huntington and Newport a little further down the coast.

9. Fly from Portland to Chicago

Currently, five different airlines provide flights from Portland to the vibrant city at the very center of the American Midwest,

 where exotic animals from the Lincoln Park Zoo roam around secret bars playing electronic music by Buddy Guy and Louis Armstrong, mouthwatering Chicago pizza mixed with mustard-smeared hot dogs on the streets, and mouthwatering Chicago pies are served.

 Be sure to check out Spirit Airlines’ selection for the most affordable tickets overall.

10. Fly from Portland to Los Angeles

Our first budget-friendly flight available to passengers flying out of Portland lands on the sun-kissed runways of LAX,

 conveniently close to popular destinations like Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Universal City’s must-see studios, the Dodgers, Lakers, Clippers, and Kings’ iconic stadiums, and Venice Beach’s happening promenade, to name a few. 

Round-trip tickets should cost about, with Delta Air Lines offering the best overall deals for nonstop travel.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many flights depart from PDX each day?

177 planes depart from PDX Airport PDX every day. If you’re thinking about taking a trip, that’s 177 opportunities to explore new places.

Where are you flying from Portland Airport?

Although flights from Portland Airport travel to many places, Metchosin, Malahat, and Langford are the top three international travel destinations. 
Most domestic passengers take a flight to Clark Fork, La Push, or Amanda Park. Compare airline ticket rates, look for exceptional discounts, and book the trip of a lifetime for less.

What is Expedia’s cancellation policy for flights, and how do I do it? 

Most flights allow free cancellations up to 24 hours before departure.
 Although some flights are non-refundable, the airline may nevertheless give you a flight credit that you can apply to a future reservation.
 Visit our customer service portal for additional details.

Which airlines use COVID-19 cleanliness standards for flights departing from Portland International Airport (PDX)?

Many airlines have implemented social distancing in the air to assist slow the spread of COVID-19.
 The following airlines are some of those paving the way for a “new normal” in travel:

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