Looking for inexpensive flights out of Indianapolis? 

View these airfare offers to depart from Indianapolis. You can browse through a comprehensive variety of airlines to find the one that best meets your needs.

Cheap flights from Indianapolis IN
Cheap flights from Indianapolis IN

Cheap flights from Indianapolis IN,  Investigate these offered airline specials, get your tickets with us, and take pleasure in a stress-free journey.

Airport shuttle service from Indianapolis International Airport

When you arrive, head to Level 1 of the parking garage, where the Ground Transportation Center is located (GTC). 

There are various taxi companies there, limousine services for those who enjoy luxury, and rental automobile services. Additionally, there are frequent stops there for IndyGo, the community transportation service.

 If your hotel offers a free shuttle service, it will also pick you up at the GTC. For the best price combine an airline ticket with a rental car.

Indianapolis airports

Indianapolis airports
Indianapolis airports

The Indianapolis International Airport, which is seven miles from the city center in Marion County, Indiana, serves the city of Indianapolis.

 It has two concourses and is serviced by several important airlines, including AirCanada, United, and American. Find discounts on flights to Indianapolis. The airport is owned by the city but run by the British company BAA, making it the first airport in the United States to do so.

The Indianapolis climate

At least in comparison to the southern United States, Indianapolis summers are typically moderate. The hottest months are June, July, and August, with average highs in the low to mid-80s.

 The coldest month is January, with an average daily high of 34 degrees Fahrenheit. In the winter, expect delays because the airport can occasionally experience snow problems.

Activities in Indianapolis

Indianapolis Children's Museum
Indianapolis Children’s Museum

Indianapolis is home to a wide variety of museums, each has something unique to offer. The Indianapolis Children’s Museum is better for children, while the Museum of Art is better for adults. 

Sports fans can watch minor league teams at Victory Field and Lucas Oil Stadium. Look for discounts on these and more attractions while searching for inexpensive flights to Indianapolis.

Airport details for your Indianapolis Cheap flight (IND)

The Indianapolis International Airport (IND) is situated 11 kilometers (seven miles) southwest of the city center. 

Use the free Wi-Fi at the airport as you wait for your Indianapolis-bound aircraft.

How to get to the Indianapolis Airport

Indigo Route 8 offers frequent service to and from downtown and is your best bet for getting to the airport by public transportation.

 For optimal flexibility, include a rental car in your vacation arrangements. For visitors, some hotels offer free airport transportation. Call for a taxi or airport shuttle in advance for direct service.

The top 7 tips for reducing Cheap flight costs from Indianapolis

1. Use low-cost airlines – When looking for flights out of Indianapolis, check for low-cost carriers.

Cheap flight costs from Indianapolis
Cheap flight costs from Indianapolis

2. Purchase Round Trip Tickets – Round Trip tickets are frequently less expensive than one-way tickets. Consider booking a roundtrip flight to save money on flights from IND. Join loyalty programs to collect points each time you travel.

 3. These points can be redeemed for discounts on Indianapolis-bound flights.

4. Fly in the early morning hours – You can fly and save money on airfare in the early morning hours when everyone is sleeping. Because there is less demand for tickets during these times, airfares are low.

5. Refrain from traveling during the busiest travel times of the year. You may appreciate the serenity and even locate incredibly affordable flights from Indianapolis if you travel during off-peak times.

6. Purchase tickets in advance – The cost of travel keeps rising over time. So, to avoid spending more at the last minute, you must purchase your tickets far in advance.

7. Sign up for the newsletter – To receive regular updates on flight specials out of Indianapolis.

General Questions Low-Cost flights from Indianapolis

Which airline tickets offer Cheap flights from Indianapolis IN?

Users have paid as little as Midland to fly out of Indianapolis (prices may vary depending on the airline and departure time).

 Users have often reserved flights from Indianapolis.

Which nonstop Airline flight from Indianapolis is the shortest?


For shorter excursions, think about visiting Chicago, Detroit, and Nashville. 

All are within 178 miles of Indianapolis and are potential destinations for flights.

Which airline flies nonstop the furthest from Indianapolis?

Check the cost of flights to Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle if you wish to travel to far-off locations.

What are the most popular places to fly from Indianapolis?

The three cities with the most daily flights out of Indianapolis are New York (709 flights), Chicago (568 flights), and Washington, D.C. (237 flights per day).

Where can I travel for the least money from Indianapolis?

Indianapolis to New York City
Indianapolis to New York City

Flying round-trip from Indianapolis to New York City.

Fly from Indianapolis to Las Vegas 

Fly from Indianapolis to Orlando 

Fly from Indianapolis to Fort Lauderdale 

Fly from Indianapolis to Tampa 

Other Cities

Washington DC, San Francisco, San Jose, New Orleans, San Antonio

What airlines operate out of Indianapolis?

Check out the schedules and costs for these airlines’ flights leaving from Indianapolis: Croatia Airlines, Juneyao Airlines, and Allegiant Air. 

These airlines fly to the renowned locations listed below: Chicago, Naples, Orlando, Naples, Naples, and Albuquerque.

What are the most frequently traveled places from Indianapolis?

Boston, Cancun, and Charleston are the most popular destinations this month for travelers leaving Indianapolis. 

Boston, Cancun, and Austin are some of the most popular destinations for travelers departing from Indianapolis during the year.

Which premium economy flight is the least expensive out of Indianapolis?

Fly from Indianapolis to Kahului 

Fly from Indianapolis to Riyadh 

Fly from Indianapolis to Los Angeles 

Fly from Indianapolis to Fairbanks 

Which Indianapolis-bound first-class flight has the best price?

Consider Syracuse if you’re seeking a low-cost first-class flight from Indianapolis.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Indianapolis International Airport’s (IND) airport code?

The airport code for Indianapolis International Airport is IND.

How far is the Indianapolis International Airport (IND) from the city’s center? 

When you arrive at Indianapolis International Airport (IND), pick up your keys at one of the two on-site Budget or Avis car rental locations in Indianapolis. It will be simple to get to central Indianapolis with a nice set of wheels. Simply set your GPS to 8 miles (13 km) to the northeast and drive there.

Is there a hotel at IND?

Although there are no lodging options close to Indianapolis International Airport (IND), there is still some hope. You can find a place to stay before departing if you look further afield.
 If you don’t want to worry about missing your flight, stay the night before at the Comfort Suites close to the Indianapolis Airport. It won’t take you long to get to the airport. access to a picnic space, luggage storage, and washing facilities.
 Instead, prepare your belongings and check in at the Country Inn & Suites by Radisson, Indianapolis Airport South, Indiana. It is also close by and offers speedy check-out, business center amenities, and laundry services.

Does the Indianapolis International Airport (IND) have private lounges?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a private lounge at Indianapolis International Airport. However, somewhere in the terminal building, you shouldn’t have a problem finding a quiet spot to relax with a magazine.

Where do aircraft depart from Indianapolis Airport? 

American Airlines
Southwest Airlines
Delta Airlines
United Airlines
Spirit Airline
Frontier Airlines
Alaska Airlines

How many flights depart from IND each day? 

Every day, 115 flights leave from IND Indianapolis, IN (IND-Indianapolis Intl.).
 If you’re considering traveling, there are 115 chances to find a new place.

From Indianapolis International Airport (IND), where can you fly?

From Indianapolis Foreign Airport, the most popular international destinations are Xetna, Leona Vicario, and Joy. The entire globe is right outside your door at this busy airport.
 Stay domestically focused and visit Channahon, South Chicago Heights, or Antioch if you only have time for a quick weekend break.
 We have excellent deals and a fantastic location ready for you, regardless of your schedule.

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