In the middle of the state of California is where you’ll find Fresno County. About a million people call this county home. The county is located in the central valley, south of Stockton, and north of Bakersfield.

Best Hiking Trails In Fresno CA
Best Hiking Trails In Fresno CA

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Best Hiking Trails In Fresno CA, Fresno County has pleasant year-round temperatures that are perfect for outdoor sports like walking, cycling, skating, and recreational running. If you want to go hiking somewhere truly spectacular, you must go there.

Trails between Clovis and Fresno have been recently improved, making it easier to travel to various outdoor destinations across the country. The area is perfect for your hiking adventures, so make sure you pack the right gear every time.

Most of Fresno County’s hiking trails are conveniently located, and you won’t get lost trying to find them. The best Fresno trails are listed below.

13 List Of Best Hiking Trails In Fresno CA Today

1. Willow Creek Hiking Trail

Willow Creek Hiking Trail
Willow Creek Hiking Trail

A willow creek trail is a middle-of-the-road option for outdoor enthusiasts, thanks to its combination of straightforward sections and those that demand careful footing.

The creek passes through some scenic mountain and forest areas that are open for exploration. A number of the pools and waterfalls along Willow Creek are among the most beautiful in the world. You should pack like you’re going on a hike to Willow Creek.

Hiking boots and warm clothing are required to make your way through the area with relative ease, as there are a few spots where things can get tricky. The rocks along the creek’s path are dangerously slippery; don’t be fooled by their appearance.

Always have a walking stick handy and be sure of your footing before ascending or descending in such an area.

2. Lewis’s Creek Hiking Trail

Lewis’s Creek Hiking Trail
Lewis’s Creek Hiking Trail

There are four miles to cover on this moderately difficult trail. If you’re traveling at a normal pace, you can expect to finish the trail in about an hour.

Waterfalls, pine trees, wildflowers, and avian and butterfly life are just some of the sights to take in during your time in the area. Many people have walked this path before, so there may be other visitors if you go at a popular tourist time.

Hiking along the Lewis creek trail is a wonderful way to take in the natural splendor of the area. From the redwood lookout platform, you can take in the sights of the surrounding area.

Wearing hiking shoes is a must because the trail has some tricky spots. The terrain can be slick and steep, so keep your kids close and assist them if necessary if you’re out on a hike with them.

Near the trailhead, you’ll find a restaurant where you can stop for a bite to eat after working up an appetite exploring the area on foot. Last but not least, it is a great spot to stretch your legs after a long journey.

3. The Bridge Hiking Trail

The Bridge Hiking Trail
The Bridge Hiking Trail

One of the best things to do while in the county is to hike along the bridge hiking trail. This trail’s two-mile length and wide accessibility make it ideal for cyclists of all ages.

Because of the area’s general flatness, you can rest easy knowing that the trail is suitable for hikers of varying fitness levels and is not prone to muddy patches.

This trail offers spectacular views of the surrounding landscape, including a grove of oak trees, a large sandy creek, and the San Joaquin River. There is a good chance that you will encounter tarantulas if you go hiking in the fall.

The trail over the bridge is one of a kind because it ends at a set of clean, modern restrooms, convenient for hikers and cyclists alike. Visitors and hikers using this trail should come prepared with $5 in cash, as parking is typical $5 per day.

4. Sequoia National Park

Sequoia National Park
Sequoia National Park

An abundance of hiking opportunities awaits you in the world-famous Sequoia National Park. In addition to all of your hiking gear, you’ll need to factor in three hours for this exploration.

Guests must pay $20 to enter the park for a period of one week. The park’s flora and fauna, in addition to the magnificent sequoia trees, make for a breathtaking setting.

5. Cedar Grove Trails

Cedar Grove Trails
Cedar Grove Trails

Kings Canyon National Park in California is home to the cedar grove and grant grove trails, both of which should be on your itinerary for your next trip. Located a couple of hours east of Fresno County, Woodward Park is an incredible destination that deserves your full attention.

The incredible Sierra Nevada Mountains and the lush green landscape, reminiscent of the Alps in Switzerland, can be seen from the trails through the cedar groves.

The Woodward Park contains a number of trails perfect for hikers of all fitness levels and social circles.

6. Natural Feature Hiking Trail

Natural Feature Hiking Trail
Natural Feature Hiking Trail

Natural Feature Hiking Trail: This is a must-see if you find yourself in Fresno County. Located in the city’s northeast, this trailhead is a favorite among Fresno hikers. The hiking trail is in a 38-acre natural area and is a popular location for amateur and seasoned hikers.

This area hosts many events throughout the year, and the website will fill you in on all the latest happenings. It’s been said that this path is suitable for moderate hikers.

You can expect it to take you an hour to cover the four miles. There are parking facilities for people visiting the region. You can bring your bathing suit and have a good time in the water at nearby Millerton Lake, which is not far from where you are.

7. Saint Joaquin River Gorge Hiking Trail

Saint Joaquin River Gorge Hiking Trail
Saint Joaquin River Gorge Hiking Trail

This is a moderately difficult hike in the Sierra Nevada foothills. The area is ideal for cyclists and hikers alike.

You can drive to the trailhead from downtown Fresno in under twenty minutes. This is the right path to take if you want to hike for a few miles, as it forks in two before rejoining at the end.

Be careful, as the trail through the area is sometimes quite narrow and there are beautiful sights to behold, including the San Joaquin River Gorge. When the temperature rises in the summer, all sorts of animals and reptiles make their way to the area. So, make the best possible decision this summer.

8. Fresno-Clovis Hiking Trail

Fresno-Clovis Hiking Trail
Fresno-Clovis Hiking Trail

Ancient train tracks now serve as a hiking trail that connects two cities and offers visitors a chance to get to know the area. Your next vacation spot couldn’t be better.

The trail is 13 miles long and will take you to Clovis. Hiking this trail will take you around three hours, so make sure you pack accordingly.

The Sugar Pine Trail continues eastward to Willow Avenue before terminating near the river park/yosemite national park shopping center. Starting from Willow Avenue, hikers can access the Clovis Trail and make their way into Clovis proper in either direction, depending on which landmark they choose to use as their starting point.

9. Dinky Lakes Hiking Trail

Dinky Lakes Hiking Trail
Dinky Lakes Hiking Trail

Located in the heart of the Sierra National Forest, this trail is a must-see for any outdoor enthusiast. The start of the trail is at Dinkey Creek, which is about an hour’s drive from Fresno Kings Canyon National Park.

More options mean more ways to spend your time, and the additional distance means you can test your hiking limits while having the time of your life.

You’ll be set to hike the 11.3-mile dry creek trail with no problems if you bring a backpack. In this region, you’ll find expansive green meadows and towering pine trees.

10. Spano Park

 Spano Park
Spano Park

If you’re looking for a nearby park to take the kids, Spano Park is a great option. The California Park and Recreation Society has recognized this park with an award.

All members of the community are welcome to participate in the many recreation programs available. The park’s management staff has been working together for over 40 years. Additionally, they hope to improve the visual environment of the neighborhood.

The park provides a wide range of amenities for visitors to enjoy. There are colorful gardens and trails to hike on. The preservation of the park is also supported by regular clean-up events.

11. Fresno County Blossom Trail

Fresno County Blossom Trail
Fresno County Blossom Trail

The Blossom Trail in Fresno County is a public park that is privately owned. They take great pride in providing visitors with the opportunity to observe blossoms and fruit trees on their own. A variety of fruit trees dot their landscape. The scent of the trees is also very present.

In addition, they are overjoyed to be able to offer guests an orchard experience that is both entertaining and informative. Further, the park and dry creek trail educate visitors about the area’s rich history and agricultural heritage.

They offer a wide variety of exciting and difficult hiking routes. There are paths for bicycling, walking dogs, and hikers. In addition, there are places to go jogging and observe birds.

12. Wildwood Native Park

Wildwood Native Park
Wildwood Native Park

Tourists can feel at one with nature at Wildwood Native Park, thanks to the park’s abundance of native wildlife. 

Because of the patrons’ unwavering support, the park’s staff is able to consistently improve the facilities available to guests. They are confident in their ability to protect the environment for future generations. They provide a wide range of environmental education programs.

They offer a wide variety of park services and large open areas for a wide range of recreation options. In addition, there are basketball courts, hiking trails, and play areas for children. This pine flat lake also features a bird-watching platform.

13. Oso de Oro Park

Oso de Oro Park
Oso de Oro Park

Oso de Oro Park’s mission is to deliver high-quality park services to the community. They hope to improve people’s quality of life in many different ways.

Further, they inspire both economic and ecological engagement. It’s got cool and entertaining spots that are absolute must-sees. In addition, they have a competent staff to oversee guest safety. 24/7 protection is provided by the team.

They offer a lively and entertaining variety of nature-themed attractions. Furthermore, these are places where you can have a picnic, go hiking, or walk your dog. They also have great bike paths that anyone can use.

Plan Your Next Hike To Fresno CA

In conclusion, when visiting Fresno County, you should take advantage of the many hiking options available. While out on your hike, you should always be ready to make the best decision possible.

FAQs Best Hiking Trails In Fresno CA

How long is the pincushion hike?

Pincushion Mountain is a moderately difficult hike that requires around an hour to reach the peak and another 45-50 minutes to return. Subtract 10-15 minutes if you are a regular trail runner or hiker.

How long is Shuman Point Hiking Trail?

The Shuman Point Hiking Trail, also known as the Wallenpaupack lost Lake Trail, is a popular hiking destination in the region. The trail is three miles long. It’s a great addition to any trip to Hawley with the family because it’s a short, flat hike that doesn’t require any special equipment (and dogs are welcome, too).

What mountains are visible from Fresno?

South of the deep gorge that marks the San Joaquin River valley are the mountains of the Dinkey Lakes Wilderness and the Kaiser Range. Mount Goddard, a solitary pyramid visible between two ridges, is the next prominent landmark.

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